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Learn to market and sell with me! Najm. 14 years of experience in marketing, branding, and building businesses.

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Whoever Wants to Become a better Marketer

Develop your marketing skills from zero to infinity and stand out from the crowd by generating winning strategies.

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Take Your Business to The Next Level​

Are you a founder who’s looking to scale your way to the top? Stay one step ahead of your competition with my courses. Enrol now!

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Turn Yourself Into A Marketing Maniac​​

Learn Marketing From Scratch And Break Your Limits With These Selected Courses. Understand Customers And Build Strategies Like A Pro.​

"The Only Thing That’s Stopping You From Exceeding Your Limits is Yourself"

Nazmul Ahmed

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For Marketers By A Marketer.

This Website Is Not Like Udemy Where Anyone (Knowledgable Or Not So Knowledgable) Will Just Talk About Anything. Here I Share Everything I Know About Marketing And Sales For The Benefit Of Your Business. 14+ Years Of Experience Under One Roof.​


Meet Your Instructor - Najm AKA Nazmul Ahmed

Digital Marketing Consultant By Day And A Content Creator By Night.

I am a digital marketing consultant with a proven track record in doubling customers. I have been working with businesses like yours for the last 14+ years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers.

Why Work With me?

These Companies Understood The Real Meaning of "Growth" When They Worked With Najm Consultant. Co-founder Adnan I. Halim talks about...

Raisul Kabir Founder & CEO of Brains

Southtech CEO Syed Mamnun Quader talks about...

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Discover The Exact Step-By-Step Strategy That Develops Awareness, Generates Leads, And Brings Profit To Your Business.